Mr Hunter, Pao Pao and I have arrived safely. We went via Amsterdam, where I sampled yummy Dutch food. There was even an art gallery in the middle of the airport.

We watched a couple of films on the way and had some delicious and spicy Chinese Food on the way.

We arrived at 11am on Sunday and we were met by Mr Jintiao, who is the Deputy Head Teacher from Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School.  He took us to the hotel where we dropped our bags and went straight a hotel for lunch. We had a delicious banquet that had over 20 dishes of fantastic Chinese food that included  the famous Beijing dish, Peking Duck and sea slugs and tripe (cows stomach). We were joined by the driver and a teacher and his child, Sisi. Sisi is in Grade 4. The Chinese grades work one up from us as they children don’t start school until 6 years old. So Sisi was 10 years old. She spoke excellent English and asked some very good questions.