Year 1 singing ‘Vive le Vent’ – Jingle Bells in French

Year 1 have also been practicing singing ‘Vive le Vent’ – Jingle Bells in French.

Here are the words in French and then the meaning in English

Vive le vent, vive le vent,
vive le vent d’hiver
qui s’en va sifflant, soufflant
dans les grands sapins verts.
Vive le temps, vive le temps,
vive le temps d’hiver
boules de neige et jour de l’an
et bonne année grand-mère.
In English

Live the wind, live the wind!
Live the winter wind
That whistles and blows in the big green fir trees.
Live the time, live the time,
Live the time of winter snowballs, New Year’s Day
And Happy New Year, Grandma.