Charity Guide Dog Fair

                                        Guide dog fair

BY Zahra

On Friday the 16th 2018 we done a guide dog fair we sold chocolate covered oreos, decorated biscuits,a bag of cookies and own bought biscuits our decorated biscuits sold out very quickly after that the chocolate covered Oreo sold out but also some of them broke (oops). My experience was very amazing I can’t wait to become older and have my own job. In total we had $52.30p

I was so excited when we were doing this and it was so amazing to do this to help guide dogs and more. The people who were in my group were me (Zahra), Ria, Pranuthi and Helenah. The years that came were nursery all the way to year 6.

Crufts Recount

Crufts Recount:


On Thursday 8th March we got to visit Crufts. The journey took about twenty minutes. When we got there, we went to Hall One were we put paper wristbands on. After that, we were led to a little marque were there were two massive white Newfoundlands waiting for us. There were dog beds/mats on the floor and we sat on them whilst a man took our picture next to the dogs. I was so lucky because I got to sit next to the dog! After the picture was taken, the dog lay down and rested his giant head on my lap. These dogs were auntie and nephew.

Once we left the (adorable) dogs, we were led to a stall called ‘Therapy Dogs’. There were three dogs sitting on the floor. There was a black Labrador who was so excited that he lying on the floor and let us tickle his stomach. There was a Kings Charles Spaniel that could not stop fidgeting and there was a Boxer dog that was calm so he just lay on the floor and would not move a muscle. After we saw these dogs, we went to small marques were there were a type of dog breed in each one. There must have been hundreds of dogs. Some dogs that we saw were: a Pug, a Chihuahua, a German Shepherd, a poodle. For each dog we met, the owner would give us a sticker or badge.

We got to watch a little show were we got to see how dogs for deaf people helped them.  We got to see the dogs wake the owners up. There was also a little part before were dogs and the owners walked around to the beat of the music. We  saw another mini show were The Young Kennel Club performed with their dogs. The people at the desk there also gave us stickers. The next place, was a charity shop where all the money was donated to dogs that were blind. We got to buy things from there: I bought a cute notebook for a pound and a rope for fifty pence for my dog.  Lots of people bought things from there. After that, we washed our hands and ate. Because there wasn’t a proper place to eat we had to sit on the floor.

Once we had eaten, we had another look around. There was a stall that West Midlands Police ran and they had ex police dogs there. On the side of that stall they had a little shop. They sold: keyrings, framed pictures of German Shepherds, wristbands and much more. I bought a framed picture of a German Shepherd and a mascot dressed like a GSD and they were petting each other. When we had finished buying things there, we went to the next hall where we looked around. There was a massive bus where they were selling fresh dog biscuits. After having a look around there, we went to watch a proper show before we left. There were dogs jumping over poles, running through tunnels and jumping onto see saws


Penalty shootout by James

We loved raising money for blind people because your helping the world.None of us can’t believe of how much the school raised £675 it is unbelievable.

We had fun letting people take shots against Korey/Aaron/James(the goalie and the penalty taker had fun),hopefully.