2018 Year Of The Dog Fayre by Helaenah

My experience of running and preparing for the fayre was an honorable experience, I had a lot of fun preparing for it, most people don’t get the chance to be in Year six and raise money and notice the awareness dogs for the blind.

Preparing for this was easier than I thought since we were kindly supplied with our ingredient. I ran a stall with a few of my close friends such as Ria, Kandola, Zahra, Pranuthi, Emani and Helaenah (me). We were selling cookies, there was different varieties and we made a decent amount of money. Our stall raised £32.45p. During the week of preparation we all made/bought our cookies, e.g.I made chocolate covered Oreos, all I did was get a pack of Oreos, stick a popsicle stick in the Oreos cover with chocolate dip in sprinkles and there you go done!