Mandarin Hànyǔ 汉语

Welcome to the Robin Hood’s Mandarin Page.

We are currently teaching Mandarin in Year 4 and 5.

96 thoughts on “Mandarin Hànyǔ 汉语

  1. shaughey says:

    Year 2 have been hard at work learning about China and starting their Mandarin.

    Their Learning agreement Time for the last 2 weeks was based on the theme of China. If you look on their blog you can see some of their photos. They made the great wall of China out of lego and measured it using a metre stick. They made temples out of junk. They made dragons, coolie hats, lanterns, maps and flags of China. They wrote Mandarin characters and numbers.

    Go and look at their role play corner, it’s a chinese restaurant!

    • Iman says:


  2. I love to see you all learning Mandarin and using the Chinese hand signs. My Year 3 class are all Deaf. They use British Sign Language and English. They are learning Mandarin too. They will love the number signs! Come and see our website I will put some Mandarin on there soon,

    Mrs Hastie

  3. mariyam says:

    Dear Mrs haughy

    We are really missing you 4ch read your Email miss benten and miss robinson have left we are really missing them g2g bye

    lots of love mariyam xxxxxxx

  4. We all had a really good day because it was chinese new year and we had the best time ever and the highlights of the day were performing the chinese ribbon dance and the caligraphy.Thanks to Mrs Haughey and Mrs Thornton and for the ribbon dance Miss Johnson.

  5. Kajal (6ZC) says:

    I love learning Mandarin its , so fun.
    Caalligraphy was so amazing I wish
    we can do it again some day.
    Hoped you like the card.
    From Kajal

  6. Safa says:

    I love Japan and China. Did u hear bout the tsunami and earthquake in Japan? I feel so sorry. They did nothing wrong!

  7. Safa says:

    I’m so glad when I found out many people are helping people in Japan. It just shows that every person in the world(even the biggest and meaniest person in the world) is great and supportive.

  8. yousuf says:

    i love mandarin because now in Year 2 we get to write with water and that was the last lesson of mandarin.It is very good learning new languages.If you went to china and friends with and you don’t know mandarin how you guna speak.

  9. yousuf says:

    i love mandarin because now in Year 2 we get to write with water and that was the last lesson of mandarin.It is very good learning new languages.If you went to china and you made friends with
    someone and you don’t know mandarin how you guna speak.

  10. mariyam and emily says:

    To Mrs Haughey

    Are you excited about china why?
    we hope u have a good time
    from Mariyam and Emily!!!!!!
    p.s we will miss u

  11. Dear Mrs Hauhey, i hope i win for the panda posters and go to a trip to China.
    I spent ages doing my poster,to make it look nice and good.qIf i win i will be very happy.

  12. To Mrs Hauhey you are the most incredible chinese teacher.
    You speak marvellous chinese. I have learned alot of chinese from you, so far.
    And i really enjoy learning chinese songs and listning to you playing your guitar. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. samra year 2 says:

    hello miss hohi how are you and our new baby when are you going to teach i miss you have you amed your baby please reply back to me soon

  14. 哇!這個博客和教訓是真棒!(對不起,俚語)I LOVE學習中國!謝謝豪伊小姐! by Nabhan! (WOW! This blog and lessons are AWESOME! (sorry for slang) I LOVE learning Chinese! Thank you Miss Haughey! )

  15. hudhayfa says:

    Wa! Wǒ xǐhuan zhōngguó de hěnduō, suǒyǐ zhè jiùshì wèishéme wǒ huì zuò chū yīgè zhōngguó dì hǎibào
    “wow!i like Chinese a lot so that’s why i am going to make a Chinese poster

  16. Chinese is so fun we do numbers and letters it is super fun if you are under year 4 and you don’t do Chinese it is really fun ‘but when you get into year 3 or 4 you will do Chinese!!


  17. 喜 houghey夫人你是我整個羅賓漢的favouvite老師作為我的第二個最好的是韋斯頓小姐,但如果你告訴她,她會很生氣!!!!!!!!

  18. Thank you Miss Haughey for letting us do calligraphy and other fun things on Chinese new year.Did you know that it was Vietnamese new year to to half of my family are Vietnamese that is not the point I just wanted to say thank you .Not forgetting when you go to China to get another Pow-Pow I really wanted one but if I don’t get it it is fine .

  19. hudhayfa says:

    Dear Miss Shaughey,
    do you now when we went to the farm you stain to email you well this is my email about what i thought. I loved it at the farm especially when i found i won pin the tail on the sheep and i loved the animals like the chicken(especially when it flew through the bars a back it looked so cool.) thank you for the trip

    From Hudhayfa Sheraz 5LG

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