24 thoughts on “About

  1. nafeesa says:

    bonjour. luv the way u teach different languages to us mrs h, if u didn’t come to this school i wouldn’t be able to learn so many languages.

  2. its izobel from year 1

    are you having a good time miss byne i hope you are having a good time.My little sisster charlee in resepson she said are you ok and she really wants you when she is in year 1.simon said is it a good wether there. I had pizza and garlic bread it was nice i hope you like the food in Beging i hope you injoy it.x

  3. aimmah says:

    chinese quir is really hard becuse we have to sing justin biber songs in chinese that is really really hard you know.is it easy for you or it is not hard for you!!!!!

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