Chinese Homework for Year 5& 6

Classroom language (1)
qǐ lì
起立 standup

Jìng lǐ
敬礼 Bow/to give a salute

zuò xià
坐下 sit down

Jǔ shǒu
举手 raise your hand

bùyào jiǎng huà
不 要 讲 话 stop talking
hěn hǎo
很 好 very good

Year 5:Please try to write down as many Chinese characters as possible according to your memory, next week we will have a little competition. Tell your friends that Chinese characters are not that hard to write and remember.

Year 6: Please write pinyin twice of these Chinese characters, then translate them into English! Try to use and remember them in your daily school life. Pay special attention to the Pinyin, it is very important to lay a solid foundation for your further Chinese language learning when you are at secondary school.

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