Celebrating Chinese New Year with traditional kite flying at Robin Hood

Robin Hood Primary School will be celebrating Chinese New Year by each child creating and flying a kite. China has an ancient tradition of flying kites and have created some spectacular kites.

You have the opportunity to create your own and you can decorate it with dragons and Chinese characters for Chinese New Year!

Here is a fabulous dragon kite!

The exact date and origin of the kite is not known but it is believed that they were flown in China more than two thousand years ago. One legend suggests that when a Chinese farmer tied a string to his hat to keep it from blowing away in a strong wind, the first kite was born.

The earliest written account of kite flying was about 200 B.C. when the Chinese General Han Hsin of the Han Dynasty flew a kite over the walls of a city he was attacking to measure how far his army would have to tunnel to reach past the defenses. Knowing this distance his troops reached the inside of the city, surprised their enemy, and were victorious. (http://www.gombergkites.com/nkm/hist1.html)

There are four categories of Chinese kites.

  1. Centipede-Kites
  2. Hard-Winged-Kites
  3. Soft-Winged-Kites and
  4. Flat-Kites

See this website;


Here are some of the kites in our school!

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8 thoughts on “Celebrating Chinese New Year with traditional kite flying at Robin Hood

  1. Aliza says:

    Wow that is one long chinese kite I want a kite like that, I cant wait till monday I am really looking forward to making those kites.

  2. You have some lovely kites in your school. Have you enjoyed making your own ones? I went to see a lion dance to celebrate the New Year this morning. People in Taiwan set of firecrackers that make lots of noise – the first ones went off at midnight right outside my apartment – very loud!
    xīn nián kuài lè – 新年快樂
    from Mrs. Elrick in Taipei

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