Chinese New year in Birmingham

Chinese New Year will be celebrated in Birmingham in the Chinese Quarter of the Arcadian. Come along and try Chinese food, have your name written in Chinese and see some great entertainment!

Programme – Chinese New Year 2012 – Free Entry

Sunday 29th January 2012
Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 4TD 

Main Stage – Arcadian Centre
12:30        Entrance of the Dragon Dance & Firecrackers
(Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Academy)
12:50        Speeches
12:55        Welcoming the Chinese God of Wealth
(Birmingham Chinese Women’s Association)
13:00        Kung Fu demonstration (Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Academy)
13:30        Children’s Dances (Overseas Chinese Association School)
13:35        Acrobatics Performance (Bai-Ling Chinese Arobatics Co.)
14:35        Dragon Dancing on Poles (Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Academy)
15:00        Acrobatics and Wushu Performance
(Jin Long Chinese Martial Arts Academy)
17:00        Final Appearance of the Dragon Dance
(Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Academy)
17:25        Firework Finale
17:30        Close

3 thoughts on “Chinese New year in Birmingham

  1. People in China believe that as they enter a new year, they should drop the last year into the silence limbo of the past. Common Chinese New Year Activity includes cleaning the houses from top to bottom, purchasing new clothes, paying off debts, painting their doors and window panes, and even getting new haircuts. Traditional Chinese New Year Facts bring forth the essence of new life and new hopes.

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