Mid Autumn Festival 2011

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Birmingham is celebrating the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival in the Chinese Quarter, here are is some information about the celebrations and the programme. It’s free!


Main Stage – Arcadian Centre
17:30        Welcome and History of Mid Autumn Festival
17:35        Children’s Dances (Overseas Chinese Association School)
17:45        Children’s Drama (Overseas Chinese Association School)
17:55        Acrobatics Performance (Bai-Ling Chinese Acrobats)
18:55        Presentation of Prizes (Lantern Competition)
19:00        Dragon Dance (Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Academy)
19:20        Special Guest and Speeches
19:25        Firework display
19:30        Close

The romantic Mid-Autumn Festival comes on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month.  This is a day to worship the moon god.  Chinese believe in praying to the moon god for protection, family unity, and good fortune.  The round “moon cakes” eaten on this festival are symoblic of family unity and closeness.  Pomelos are also eaten on this day (represent the hope thatthe moon god give them protection.)  Moon gazing is another essential part of this festival.  On this day, the moon is at its roundest and brightest.


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