Why are you visiting this blog?

I am looking at why blogging is such a great idea in our Languages lessons. Can you help by saying why you have visited this site?

5 thoughts on “Why are you visiting this blog?

  1. I was tweeted a request to respond from another MFL teacher. I blog to try to keep my students interested in current events that we do not have time to cover adequately in class. Not sure how well it’s working at this point, but I started mid-year, and not many got on board. My district is launching a new website next week, and my blog is connected, so maybe that will help.

  2. I have 2 blogs, one with videos showing me teaching with AIM (the Accelerative Integated Method), and another for on-line digital resources. The first one I created for teachers who are curious about AIM, or for new AIM teachers, so that they can see what an AIM class looks like. The second blog I created for French teachers and students because there are so many great resources on the internet to take advantage of. My blog centralizes these resources to so that French teachers and students don’t need to spend hours doing their own research.

  3. I’m visiting this blog because not only was I bowled over by Miss Haughey’s colourful pic on Twitter, but a desire and a need to network with fellow educationalists in order to improve my own learning experiences and pass on good ideas to my own practice. Well don eon all your efforts Simone.

  4. Hi Simone,
    I came here via Twitter and I’m visiting because of your Mandarin expertise and experience. I have a preschool-age daughter and I would like her to hear some Mandarin songs and see Chinese children speaking the language. I’ve just been enjoying the ICT Magic’s speechbubbles wiki! I really hope that one day we will be able to bring out our Amazing Milo’s Musical Plays in Mandarin and create an EFL version for Chinese children.

  5. vivian says:

    Psalms 75:1 Part c. Working on a preschool lesson and google images showed me ur picture. God’s people thank God everywhere in the world.

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