The Dragon Story

Year 4 and Mrs Bishop are now telling us the story of Chinese New Year. Mrs Bishop is telling the story without a script, and the children are performing the story by improvising.

The story goes that the world was full of wickedness, but it was scared away by a dragon. The Dragon has come to bring us all good luck.

What an exciting end to the afternoon. As everyone leaves we are singing our Chinese New Year song in Mandarin.

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8 thoughts on “The Dragon Story

  1. shannon says:

    9 times tables

    shi ba
    er shi chee
    san shi liu
    suh shi wu
    wu shi suh
    liu shi san
    chee shi er
    ba shi yi
    jiu shi
    jiu shi jiu
    bai ba

  2. madeeha says:

    I know, me again, my 3rd comment.I was up there in assembly AGAIN!!!!!! This time I was the body for the dragon. 2nd till last.Humzah was last. Behind me.Harneesh was infront of me. We could only see the person infront of us.We could only see their feet , so it was quite hard.once I just stopped ontime,before I banged in to harneesh,but humzah didn’t,and guess what? he banged into me.It hurt a lot,but a eventually recoverd.Apart fom that ,all was well.

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