Temple of Heaven

We had a wonderful time at the Temple of Heaven. It was beautiful to see. It was surrounded by a huge park, where there were activities like practising with swords even in the extreme cold of that day. There are speakers that play the relaxing music that you hear in the video. Again I would love to return here at leisure and sketch or read a book.

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According to http://www.china-family-adventure.com/temple-of-heaven.html

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is one of the largest park complexes in the city. It was completed during the Ming Dynasty. The Emperor would come and pray for a good harvest and worship heaven here.

The Emperor would visit this temple three times every year:

  • on the first month of the lunar year to pray for the beginning of a good harvest season
  • during the summer solstice to pray to the gods for rain
  • during the winter solstice to thank them for a good harvest

Blue is the color of Heaven. Red is an Imperial color. This temple is 38 meters high and the wooden pillars support the ceiling without nails or cement. Truly amazing.

In the Emperor’s time, people believed that the earth was square and the heaven and skies were circular. Based on this, the main building is designed in a circular concept to resemble their idea of heaven.

2 thoughts on “Temple of Heaven

  1. Mrs van Ling says:

    Happy Chinese New Year! You all seem to have had such a good week and today there was fun, food and culture. Next year I would like to help out. The noodles look delicious! The dragon looks scary and the art work exceptional.

    Best wishes to you all from
    Mrs van Ling (Mrs Haughey’s mother)

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