The Forbidden City

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Pao Pao, Mr Hunter, Mr Sun and I visited the Forbidden City on an extremely cold day. My cheeks were completely numb with cold and the Forbidden City is huge and mostly outdoors. It is a very spectacular place that has beautiful painted buildings and even in the cold was very busy. We met a family from a province in China who wanted to take a picture with me.We rubbed the golden pot for luck. We saw some amazing clocks in the museum that were given to China as gifts from different countries, there were many from England.

We rushed through the many courtyards due to the cold and I would like to return to the Forbidden City when the weather is better and spend some time sketching the beautiful patterns on the buildings.

Look out for the map of the Forbidden City that will be on display around school shortly.

According to

The Forbidden City is not actually a city at all, but the Imperial Palace complex in Beijing from which the Chinese emperors ruled their empire for centuries. It was called the Forbidden City because it was forbidden for commoners or even uninvited nobility to enter its sacred precincts.

The largest royal complex in the world, it was constructed over a fourteen year period, from 1407 to 1420, during the Ming Dynasty. It was the home and center of government for 24 emperors of China through the end of the Ming Dynasty and the entirety of the Qing (Ch’ing) Dynasty, until the overthrow of Imperial Rule in the early part of the Twentieth Century.

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