Dinner and Food

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The breakfast, lunch and dinner  in China was one of the main experiences that showed the differences in our East and West cultures.

In Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School, the teachers and some children all have breakfast together in the school canteen. The food is cooked fresh by the cooks and is usually savoury things like noodles, steamed dumplings and soup. Sometimes they had sweet things like cakes  and there was a bowl of hot milk that you could add sugar to. Of course everything is eaten with chop sticks, but there was also a spoon available.

The teachers would also drink green tea during the day.

For lunch there would be noodles, rice and various meat dishes. There would be cake or biscuits for pudding. The students ate their school dinners in their classrooms. Every student ate the same school dinner as each other that was delivered to the classroom. The children also ate in relative quiet and calm. It was very pleasant to see.

We had different dinners out in restaurants, one was hot pot that was like a soup stock water which you would cook your own choice of meat and vegetables. You can do this here in Birmingham at this restaurant but it’s not quite the same.


Mr Sun or ‘Sunny’ took us to some amazing restaurants. The first restaurant we went to, was straight after getting to Beijing. We were in a private room and had dish upon dish put onto the turntable in the middle of the table. It was here I tasted sea slug for the first time, it was diced up and quite slippery. Hard to eat with chopsticks. There was Peking duck in pancakes and plum sauce with spring onion, cucumber and melon. Check out some of the dishes in this film.

We had KFC before we went up to the Great Wall. You can get savoury porridge for breakfast there. We had hamburgers. I preferred the Chinese food.

The steamed dumplings cafe was delicious, we dipped them in vinegar and had noodle soup with it.

I spotted an amazing array of food available in the menus, that often had pictures to show what you were eating. I saw ducks feet, ducks head, fish heads, chicken feet, donkey and dog. Would you be brave enough to try and eat something different?

2 thoughts on “Dinner and Food

  1. Oliver Quinlan says:

    That sounds really interesting. I often think that it is food which really shows big differences between cultures, as it is one of the traditions that seems to live on so strongly even as we all move culturally closer. We see so much ‘Chinese food’ in restaurants in the UK, but it is interesting to sew different authentic Chinese cuisine is.

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