Beijing National Aquatics Center, nicknamed the Water Cube 北京国家游泳中心

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When Mr Hunter, Pao Pao, Mr Sun and I visited the Bird’s Nest, we also saw the National Aquatics Centre.

The Aquatics Center hosted the swimming, diving and Synchronized Swimming events during the Olympics.

Many people believe the Water Cube to be the fastest Olympic pool[12] in the world. It is 1 meter deeper than most Olympic pools. Up to a certain limit, beyond which swimmers will lose their sense of vision, deeper pools allow the waves to dissipate down to the bottom, leading to less water disturbance to the swimmers. The pool also has perforated gutters on both sides to absorb the waves.

With the popularity of the newly introduced faster Speedo LZR Racer swim suit, the Aquatics Center saw 25 world records broken in the Beijing Olympics[3].

Is the nickname correct?

See what the Beijing Olympics official website says about the ‘Water Cube’.

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