Monday – Flag Raising Ceremony

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There is a Flag raising ceremony every Monday in Chinese primary schools. Mr Hunter and I took part in Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School’s ceremony. It takes place outside, come rain, shine or snow. That day for us was very cold. Can you hear how the children say “Good Morning’? The children and the teachers presented the ceremony.

The children sang the school song, the Chinese National Anthem and saluted the flag as it was raised. The child who carries the flag to the flag pole receives this honor because of good behaviour or work.

Mr Hunter and I addressed the school with a microphone as there were 2100 children and their teachers. Mr Hunter had said that despite the cold weather in Beijing the welcome has been very warm. I had said how excited I was to be in their school and was looking forward to meeting some of the children and staff. We said it in English and an English teacher, whose English name was ‘Chris’ translated our message into Mandarin.

The children must wear their school uniform on this Monday but they can choose what to wear for the rest of the week. Each class receives a banner during this ceremony if the entire class has performed and behaved well. Can you hear the teacher read out the numbers of the class? Mr Hunter and I had the honor of giving these out.

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