Sightseeing- National Grand Theatre 国家大劇院

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  • Spectacular glass and titanium egg
  • Circle in a square geometry
  • aka “The Egg”
  • 5 years in construction
  • Located besides the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square

The spectacular glass and titanium National Grand Theater opened in 2007 in Tiananmen Square besides the Great Hall of the People. The egg-shaped Opera House, designed by French architect Paul Andreu, was controversial as many local critics felt it was not “Chinese” enough in appearance. The 2,416 seat opera house has 200,000 square meters in floor space and aims to provide an iconic building for China’s capital on a par with the iconic Sydney Opera House. The building is surrounded by a pool and gives the impression of floating on the surface of the water. The main north entrance is an 80m corridor running under the pool. The south entrance and other entrances are all built under the surrounding water.

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