A letter from Cathy from Beijing

Dear school headmaster:
How do you do?It is my great pleasure to write this letter to you.
Do you remember me? I’m Cathy the girl whom you gave me your E-mail box at the Beijing No2 Experimental Primary School on Monday.I has been England for one year.the school is fun there,and I’ve got a lot of friends at that time,but I lost contacts with them.I was five years old at that time, now I’m eleven years old.
I love drawing very much and I can draw very well!  I’m good at running and jumping!I can run very fast and jump very far!My friends often say that I’m like a boy,because they think I’m very cool! if I have a chance to go to England again, I wish I could visit your school and meet you again.
Could you tell me anything about your school when you are free?I wish I could make more friends in England! and there are some pictures and a song called “love story” for you, I wish you would like it.
They are very lovely I think.

I wish I can have a qute cat.

with best wishes                                                                                                  Cathy
Chen Xiaoran

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