Friday’s email from Mrs Haughey!

Hi there!

Yes, it’s true I have not been able to get onto youtube, wordpress, twitter or facebook from here. Some of the time, we have not even been able to get onto the work email. Now for our news:

Beijing No.2 Primary School is a very prestigious school, we think it could be the best one in Beijing and maybe even China.
There are three campuses, and 3400 children in total. They have brand new buildings and 300 year old buildings. They refer to the school as a ‘living document’ or ‘a live textbook’. They can use the corridors, displays, the trees and the stories around the campus as resources.

There are many similarities and differences between our schools and the teaching and learning. The children are very friendly and proud to show off their English, which is very good. They start school at 6 years old. They have a uniform but on strictly on Mondays for the flag raising ceremony. Thes rest of the time the children can wear that they like. They have 3 lessons of English a week. They start learning English when they are in Grade 1.

I am nearly at my cultural saturation point but it is all amazing. We are going to the Great Wall tomorrow on the train!

How are all the children?

Love Mrs Haughey

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