Mrs Haughey’s letter from Beijiing!

Hi there!

Hope all is going well with you guys?

Beijing is mad, Mr Hunter and I addressed 2100 children with a microphone after the flag raising ceremony on a stage. The school is great and the children are the same the world over, except they bow when they say hello. I feel honoured every time.

I have eaten sea slug, cows stomach and pigs trotters. Apart from that the food is amazing.

I am taking pictures of myself with Paopao the panda everywhere. I left my camera in a cab on the first day and we had to go to 2 police stations to get the lost property report. Very exciting!!

I have ended picking up as much Mandarin as I could to get taxis to take us places etc. I have bartered in markets, had a drink in a 5 star hotel and I am working very hard. Hee hee. Well we’re in school for 7.30 for breakfast which is sometimes soup or cakes. All the staff lunch together and that is really tasty.

Hope all is well!
Love Mrs Haughey xx

18 thoughts on “Mrs Haughey’s letter from Beijiing!

  1. Jonathan says:

    It sounds very exciting are class have been making the great wall of in LAT it was great fun I waitto learn more mandarin when you get

  2. Madeeha says:

    hi mrs haughy

    how u doing?Its snowing here.Im just eager to find out what part of beijing ur in?
    i hope ur having agreat time!missing u a lot

  3. Jordan&Bilal says:

    Mrs Haughey you missed the snow we had snowball fights and we tried to build snowmen and it was -7 degres, you missed all the fun.How cold is it in china?

  4. sophie says:

    Hi miss Haughey thankyou for the letter i wish you could be
    here because it is snowing. We are having a great time are you having a great time in beijiing

    lotes of wishis from sophie

  5. kulsum ,harneesh says:

    Hello Mrs Haughey
    how are you?
    I can’t belive you are missing the snow.How is china?
    how is Mr Hunter ?
    4ch are missing you and so am I.
    from kulsum ,harneesh

  6. Madeeha says:

    hi mrs haughy

    Ive heard your going to visit the great wall of china this week.
    Tellme how it was when you come back.I hope your enjoying your time there,with mr hunter.
    Missing you

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